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Multiple schedules in one room

It would be great to be able to generate different schedules for different devices in the same Room. I have an UFH with wired thermostat and a radiator with RTV in the same physical room. Weekday mornings heat is only needed for one hour, so UFH better stays off. The radiator would be much better controlled by a wall thermostat.
I can merge both devices in the same Room, but then they can’t have different schedules. Defining them to different Rooms doesn’t let me control the RTV with the wall thermostat. The only way I can see is to buy an additional wireless thermostat, but having two wall thermostats in the same physical room seems a bit of waste.
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  • Hello @Kai463
    1/ your title seems slightly misleading. There is a thread dealing with multiple schedules here

    2/ What you describe is “scheduling Multiple devices independently, based on one zone thermostat” I guess. The ability to schedule your radiator and UFH separately but both from readings provided by the wired thermostat.

    If you are concerned about the temperature difference between TRV and wall thermostat (closer to your “feel”) why not use the temperature offset for the radiator TRV? - no extra cost and not extra hardware vs getting new thermostat on your wall…

    I understand the intention but not sure if a feature is actually needed to meet your requirement.

  • Hi, just found this reply. Thanks for the suggestion with the offset, but that wouldn’t work. I try to control radiator and UFH with the same wired wall thermostat. As it is a big room, the radiator TRV is not good as a sensor. I need different schedules for both. E.g. weekdays it doesn’t make sense to heat with UFH in the morning, as we only stay in the room for breakfast and then leave the house. UFH would waste energy.