connect app to your gas and electric provider

Wouldn't it be great if there was some way to connect your app with your electric and gas provider to get an accurate idea of not only consumption but cost. I realise that at this time you have to enter your gas usage manually but if the it was linked or even if you could add the gas price to the app this would be more accurate?

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    You can already add your gas tariff (p/kWh) to the App......but because you don't know the "calorific value" until your energy supplier has produced your monthly bill/statement, then Tado's prediction of your "heating costs" are (at best) a "guesstimate".

    Also Tado's figures are for your total gas usage and therefore cannot accurately predict your heating gas usage.....Tado cannot know how many times my family shower etc or how big our gas range usage is.

    So my interpretation of Tado's "Heating Cost" algorithm is........

    Heating Cost = [ inaccurate gas cost - {(unknown hot water usage) + (unknown cooking usage)} ]........or to put it another way

    Complete Gibberish

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    @Jason1704 Get a smart meter :)

  • I would looking for the same option as the GAS, every day I check my Gas meter and add the meter reading so I can get an idea of what my usage and cost will be based on Euro per M3.

    If you could measure two types i.e. Gas and Electric that would give me a better indication. I could check my meter ready daily or what ever . So KW x Euros.

    This was my idea.