Include heating graphs in features without having to pay extra

I have only just purchased and installed the Tado system in my home, at huge cost with 12 TRV's to try and get even heating and where I want it. To check its working I really want to see what the temperature has been over a period of time to see how well its working, and when the boiler has been on and off, to see if I need to adjust schedules. I was really upset to find out I can't see any graphs of heating, boiler activity unless I pay extra! I also have a holiday home, which I let out and installed a Netatmo smart system 3 years ago at a far cheaper cost, yet in that system I can do many things that Tado require extra payment for!! My daughter has the Hive system that also lets you see a graph of the daily temperature at no extra charge. why do I have to pay extra for this with Tado? I really wish I had purchased a different system now. I attach a photo of the Netatmo home energy screen.

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    I do pay for auto assist, so I can't be sure that the heating graphs are free, but I thought they were included in the free package. Unfortunately you can only view one room at a time. Example....

    And within the graph you can see when and how much heat was requested (roughly), but there is no certainty that the boiler was running when heat was requested. In fact there can be a massive disconnect between Tado's accumulated heating time vs actual boiler burn time. I would ignore the Tado figures and look straight to my energy supplier for half hourly smart meter readings for that analysis.

  • @gillrhodes

    On your home a select the top right icon..... This will open the heating activity graphs.....have a play with the App and you will find access to most of Tado features.
  • Thank you. Interestingly that option is only available in the app and not on the browser on the PC. I was exploring on the PC for graphs as you can view in a bigger screen.. it would be good if graphs could be on browser version too.

  • @gillrhodes

    Unfortunately, for some reason, Tado do not provide the "heating graphs" on the webpage........I have no idea why. Perhaps you should ask Tado Support to explain the reason behind this.