Some valves have started “whistling”

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A few of my TADO valves have started whistling. I’m pretty sure the issue is that the valve isn’t 100% closed and the sound is cause by water rushing though the slightly open valve.

We have had the valves for about a year and a bit so it’s not a installation issue (they didn’t whistle before). I have tried recalibrating the offending valves but to no effect.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?


  • Have recently had the same issue. Tado rad valves have been installed for about 3 years but recently noticed one of them in living room whistling as water flows through. Took batteries out and then replaced them to recalibrate valve. But it us still noisy at times. Just noticed something else strange-- 2 rads in living room both controlled by wall mounted Tado stat -- turned heating on in room but only one radiator valve open (the one that then whistled). The other stayed shut. The heat demand in room on the app was showing as only 1 wavy line so i turned the room heat demand up so that the demand went up to 3 wavy lines and then both radiator valves in living room were open. Think its trying to get too clever for its own good :-) . Assume because heat demand was low (1wavy line) it only opened 1 rad valve even though they are both linked to the main tado room stat ??. Theres no option for temp offset on individual valves as they are both linked to the tado wall stat as the room controller. So dont know whats happening really.
  • Tado have recently implemented a device Firmware update that alters the actual amount that the valves are opening in regards to the demand and the "wavy lines" display.

    I strongly suspect that this change is affecting some TRV valves more than may be worth temporarily removing the Tado SRT's and doing a bit of a "service" on the radiator a squirt of WD40 and a physical operation of the valves by depressing the pin a few times with the flat of a screwdriver or other appropriate tool. Then refit the Tado SRTs and allow the SRT to re- calibrate itself to the radiator TRV.

  • I’ve given the TRV’s some love and will see if that helps. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  • Hi guys!
    I have the same problem with whistling, and it becomes very stressful because it disturbs my sleep. Both bedroom and living room valves are problematic. I've contacted support, but while waiting for a response from them, do you manage to find a solution?
  • Forgot to cc (and can't edit) @Damon - maybe you found a solution? Thank you!

  • I have a whistling tado thermostat in baby room and it's becoming annoying as it didn't used to whistle with the old thermostat on. Is there a fix for this?
  • Same issue here. Has anyone managed to fix it?

  • Still nothing. I'm waiting for the support to give us a solution or fix. They changed some parameters to one of my valves without any result.

    I'm in the stage when waking up and unscrew a little bit the tado thermostat for that whistle to disappear for the moment. I'm very disappointed by their support.

  • I've recently noticed the same issue - quite fustrating. Changing the temperature of the rad or another in the chain fixes it temporarily. Would be very interested in what Tado have to say.

  • I'm in the struggling stage with their support. The last response from today from the escalation team:

    Thank you for confirming and sorry for the inconviniance i will ask the developer that did these changes to do further adjustmenst.
    They will be back on monday and i will let you know as soon as the changes are online on your devices.
    Best regards

    I'm in the stage where I'll return the product and switch back to a classic thermostat.
  • We've had the same issue since before Xmas, support seemed helpful at first and said they made changes remotely but eventually started ignoring me when not resolved. We've had tado for maybe 3 years and all of a sudden just the tado valves have started hissing/whistling but they would not confirm they had made a change that could have caused it
  • I still have yet to find a solution. At the moment I have a automation (triggered via my echo) to boost all valves then return to the schedule. It works for a while then they start “singing” again.
  • I literally just had a new valve installed and it’s still whistling!

    Is there a way to check what updates the TRVs have had? Maybe rolling back to an earlier version will work
  • has changing the actual valve made a difference for anyone?

  • My solution for whistling was to remove the Tado adapter from the bedroom radiator and put it nearby only for temperature trigger, and it works pretty well now.
  • @Silviu that means that radiator is in an always open position. If any rad is calling for hear that rad will always run. Yes the room can can for heat but don't be surprised if the room over heats
    Anyone with this problem, have you tried removing and resetting the valve, replacing and allowing the valve to recalibrate.
  • @mojomoomoo yes, my setup is set to heat only a room at once, and that's why it works for me.
  • @Silviu

    I don't actually understand your last comment, in response to @mojomoomoo

  • @GrayDav4276 I have only 2 Tado TRVs. I removed one of them from the radiator but not from the room. The heating schedule is set not to overlap in the two rooms. I hope it's more clear now.
  • @GrayDav4276 I don't really understand either, doesn't make sense really. My system is set for individual room control. Remove the head and it's as good as a thermometer.
  • @Silviu your heat is controlled from one room then essentially. That room can call for heat but can't close the radiator. Might be ok if it's a larger room which heats slower.
  • Any updates here ? My bedroom thermostat started whistling and is super annoying …
  • I have same issue with Tado rad valves causing whistling. It would be great if there was an option in Settings for users to set the 'minimum open' value position, per Tado rad valve, to help avoid whistling issues.

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    Would be helpful if Tado participated in this forum and replied to problems!. ANYONE FROM TADO please??

    One valve on my system is still whistling when the system partly closes it down if the room has modulated down to one wavy line, if I up the temperature slightly on the affected room the valve opens slightly and the whistling stops. If I lower the temperature the valve closes and the whistling stops. Its the mechanical part of the valve that is nearly closed by the Tado TRV. I've tried removing\replacing batteries so that it recalibrates. I have also manually pushed the mechanical valve pin down etc. It is free and can close completely. I just don't want the Tado to partially close the valve and then there wouldn't be a problem.

    What is the point of Tado trying to regulate the temperature of the rad by changing the amount the TRV is open??. The system modulates the boiler water temperature down to do that, so no point trying to do it via the TRV as it only causing this problem of whistling valves.

  • I've come to the conclusion that tado° doesn't actually understand how their own system is designed to work.......and they obviously don't realise the "knock on effect" that some of their system operational changes cause to our systems.

    I'm definitely gonna vote with my feet after the current winter period......I've had enough !!!

  • I also look to find a thermostat that give less issues then Tado and i dont have to wait days for someone to change the histerezys on my thermostat if a cheap and reliable room thermostat allow me to do this in 1 min. Reason to keep so much control at their servers is beyond my knowledge! As many people here,we spend our money on Tado and now we are stuck ,to buy or not another brand?
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    I expect secondhand prices are ok.

  • @BOG73 @GrayDav4276 my thoughts are the same. Tado isn't what it's made out to be, better and cheaper products out there. Plus integration with UFH (Inc electric), and Opentherm as standard.
  • Anyone tried letting a tiny bit of water out their system to reduce the water pressure? Would that have an effect on the whistling?

  • @RichardN try to open a bit more the return valve on the whistling radiator,maibe will help to reduce presure.