Some valves have started “whistling”

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A few of my TADO valves have started whistling. I’m pretty sure the issue is that the valve isn’t 100% closed and the sound is cause by water rushing though the slightly open valve.

We have had the valves for about a year and a bit so it’s not a installation issue (they didn’t whistle before). I have tried recalibrating the offending valves but to no effect.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?


  • Have recently had the same issue. Tado rad valves have been installed for about 3 years but recently noticed one of them in living room whistling as water flows through. Took batteries out and then replaced them to recalibrate valve. But it us still noisy at times. Just noticed something else strange-- 2 rads in living room both controlled by wall mounted Tado stat -- turned heating on in room but only one radiator valve open (the one that then whistled). The other stayed shut. The heat demand in room on the app was showing as only 1 wavy line so i turned the room heat demand up so that the demand went up to 3 wavy lines and then both radiator valves in living room were open. Think its trying to get too clever for its own good :-) . Assume because heat demand was low (1wavy line) it only opened 1 rad valve even though they are both linked to the main tado room stat ??. Theres no option for temp offset on individual valves as they are both linked to the tado wall stat as the room controller. So dont know whats happening really.
  • Tado have recently implemented a device Firmware update that alters the actual amount that the valves are opening in regards to the demand and the "wavy lines" display.

    I strongly suspect that this change is affecting some TRV valves more than may be worth temporarily removing the Tado SRT's and doing a bit of a "service" on the radiator a squirt of WD40 and a physical operation of the valves by depressing the pin a few times with the flat of a screwdriver or other appropriate tool. Then refit the Tado SRTs and allow the SRT to re- calibrate itself to the radiator TRV.

  • I’ve given the TRV’s some love and will see if that helps. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  • Hi guys!
    I have the same problem with whistling, and it becomes very stressful because it disturbs my sleep. Both bedroom and living room valves are problematic. I've contacted support, but while waiting for a response from them, do you manage to find a solution?
  • Forgot to cc (and can't edit) @Damon - maybe you found a solution? Thank you!

  • I have a whistling tado thermostat in baby room and it's becoming annoying as it didn't used to whistle with the old thermostat on. Is there a fix for this?