Some valves have started “whistling”



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    Anyone tried letting a tiny bit of water out their system to reduce the water pressure? Would that have an effect on the whistling?

    Reply :--I don't have a pressurised system so letting water out won't alter anything.

    @RichardN try to open a bit more the return valve on the whistling radiator,maibe will help to reduce presure.

    Reply :-- have tried that but still same as it's just whistling through the inlet valve as the water is being restricted by the Tado trv shutting it partly closed. Replacing the actual water input valve may stop it but involves draining the entire system .
  • I'm following this discussion for some time because I've the exact same problems with 1 of my TRV's.

    More and more I'm getting the idea that is isn't so much a problem of the TRV, but the valve seems to be the problem. I'm not quite sure what the quality is of the valve I have, but because of the other radiators don't have this problem a good shot seems to be replacing the valve itself.

    For me, that's too much effort for the frequency I encounter the problem, so I can't verify it.