Full Air-conditioning Control

I have a house in France that I rent out with 5 air Mitsubishi Conditioning units. These units are inverter units so can perform the following tasks: cool,heat,dehumidify, fan, the IR controllers interface looks to of been created by the same guy that invented scientific calculators. Great if you know what you are doing but for a normal user impossible..You really need to understand how to change modes you have to setup heating/cooling/dehumidify/fan and then set a temperature and then turn it on. The amount of people that have called up moaning the air conditioning isn’t working only to find out that they have it on fan mode. Or the one that really gets me is people moaning about no cooling and it turns out they have the windows open because they like fresh air. (Another great feature would be to detect windows open and turn off the air conditioning)

So onto my feature list I would want:

1) ability to change the mode
Heating mode
Cooling mode
Dehumidify mode
2) Be able to set a maximum humidity and then automatically turn the units to dehumidify (this would be great when I am not there)
3) Set a minimum temperature (5 degrees) and turn on the heating if needed automatically
4) Detect open windows and turn off system.
5) set minimum/maximum temperature that tenants can set the unit to. For instance 20-25 degrees.

Then of course there is multi-home support but that argument has been made elsewhere
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