Energy IQ calculation incorrect?


I use Energy IQ to see my consumption of gas. I have entered the price per m3 and which is 0.19877. The graph is showing that I have used 100m3, however the total costs is showing as 0,2 Euro. This is not correct and should show 19,877 euro. Is this a known issue in the report?

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    In the app for Energy IQ the rate you have to input is in cts/m^3. Most bills have the rate in €/m^3 so you have to multiply by 100. For example my rate quoted on the bill for this next year is €1.7049/m^3 so I would put in 170.49 into the app.


  • Re-check your settings in the Energy IQ
  • Thanks but which settings? I can enter the price per m3 and I have did by putting in 0,19877. I have added two days of consumptions to make it more accurate.
    Did I miss anything?
  • I submit daily meter readings to Tado, taken from the smart meter data summarised and reported by my supplier.

    So far my actual gas usage in December is 1,170 kWh. Tado reckons that just 607 kWh of that is for heating, leaving 573 kWh to cover showers for two and a gas hob.

    I don't think so.

    Our summer gas usage (showers and hob) is around 130 kWh for a heating free month. So Tado should be showing something like 1,170 - 100 = 1,070 kWh for our heating.

    It doesn't much matter if the tariff is input correctly (it is) if Tado is so off base with its heating maths.

  • Yeah I think the report does not work correctly yet. I have same with my smart energy meter. Tado is doing an estimate, but this estimate should be near the actual facts otherwise there is no point to have this report as it will make persons more positive regarding their readings.

    Any response from Tado?
  • You are a star, many thanks and this did the trick for me. Much appreciated!!
  • You have to enter the price per m3 in the Tado app in cents, not in € as stated on the statement.

    So 19,877 cents for you

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    @Safetyman IMHO there is no point to have this option at all. It's just another tool to give you false sense that you are in control and can save money. At the end you have to pay what your supplier charge you.

  • I think it makes sense. I believe I have approved to connect to my smart meters so this will be quiet accurate in my opinion. Of course I will pay whatever I consume but it will give you an idea whether on track or not at the end of the year (we have to pay in advance)
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    @Safetyman tado° can't access your smart meter, not yet if ever, so you have to feed the app with the data yourself.

  • I believe it is a beta. I received an invite if I want to participate and give approval to access my smart meter. Lets wait and see..
  • I have rechecked my email and indeed it is a pilot. I will be able to see my smart meter as of 31st December.
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    @Safetyman Very interesting ;-) Who is your supplier BTW?

  • My supplier is United Consumers in NL