Boiler only calls for heat from one trv


I have a bit of a weird one. My tado only seems to fire the boiler if one specific trv is calling for heat. So by this. All the other heaters with trvs will only heat up if I have set the garage to call for heatThis has only started happening in the last few days. As far as I can tell nothing has changed. Has this happened to anyone else?


  • Not quite the sme problem, but maybe related ...

    Heating was off and I dialed up the bathroom TRV expecting boiler to fire but it did not come on. Ten minutes later I turned up the lounge TRV and the boiler fired. Hmmm.

  • Make sure that the TRVs (SRTs) that you are adjusting are linked to the zone controller and not set to "Independent". Independent SRTs can accept heat when the boiler is running, but cannot command the boiler to turn on.

    The setting can be found for each ROOM, not each SRT.