Can I get immersions heater controlled by tado?

I have two tado thermostats wired and extension kit at the boiler, however my immersions heater is upstairs and when heating is off during warm season I have no hot water, so I’m wondering can I setup another extension kit or thermostat or something anything just to get this working the way I want?! I hope I explained my problem. Someone help me please.

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  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply, I had that idea too, but if I have to do what you suggested I've to run separate cable from extension kit to immersions heater, which is furthest point in the house. It’s just too much hassle. I was hoping I could get some wireless relay that works with tado system to save the hassle, but I guess I will need simple WiFi relay and run it with IFTTT or just schedule to have hot water whet heating is not running.
    Thanks again anyway. 🙁