Chart showing activity of boiler and/or all devices

Would it be possible to have a chart showing when the boiler is actually fired up possibly with a note of which device has called on the boiler to start.

this would help to arrange for devices to be coordinated to reduce overall gas usage.


  • I second this. After having several devices, it is annoying to go into each one and see their activity. Having an overal chart of the day showing which devices are active would be excellent
  • I don't think Tado will offer this,all they care is to develop what is low cost for them,not for us!

    Tado is a bit coccky and till they loose customers will not be more flexible.

    Interesting to say: how many will buy Tado again?

  • The care and protect option shows which device is calling for heat.

    Or do you mean to see this historically, like on the room specific graphs?