It should be possbile to select the wanted fan speed at Homekit, IFTTT and other services.


I just bought a new Tado Smart AC Control V3+ to control my Mitsubishi Electric FH35 heat pump, based on the measrument from external Netatmo- temperature sensor. First I integrated Tado to Apple Homekit, but when I created on automation (such as "if temperature is below 22c, set Tado for Heat mode"), I noticed that I cannot set the wanted fan speed for the Tado controlled heat pump, only the wanted temperature.

Then I tried with IFTTT, but there was exactly the same issue when creating an applet; for a Tado action "Start Heat Mode" I can select only the set temperature, and fan speed selection box says that "No fan speeds available".

Controlling the fan speed is of course a very essential selection when heating the house, and since Tado claims to be compatible with both Homekit and IFTTT, it really should offer a fan speed selection for external services also.

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  • SanderN
    I also have this issue , with Tado I can set the fan speed but in IFTTT this options is unavailable.