All thermostats history on one graph

It is very difficult to analyze the operation of the entire heating system. For example, it is difficult to see the effect of a thermostat in one room on the temperature in another. It is also difficult to say how often the heating request is sent because each thermostat sends it independently. It would be very helpful to have one aggregate chart showing all the graphs of all rooms and all heating requests. Being able to export this data to Excel would be a dream come true 😊
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  • d6m

    Seconded! Having to click around every room to see how often the boiler has been on is a bit annoying.

  • gruff

    I was looking for this feature 😅

    It would really be nice to be able to find out what room is requesting what amount of heating over a longer time period. this would really help me figuring out what room is e.g. in need of better isolation.