Geofencing multiple users

can i geofence multiple users and control devices allocate to them?

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  • jamese8
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    ...not at present. A long called for feature it seems


    Individual Geofence Option


  • It should be so much easier. It is possible but a bit complicated but I doo have it working reliably for both my kids rooms.

    I have an all Apple (HomeKit via Apple TV, iPhone) set up. I don't use the native HomeKit functionality from Tado but instead have a HomeBridge server running on my Mac (easy to do on Raspberry Pi too) and use a Homebridge plug in to control Tado.

    I then have a HomeKit automation when an individual person leaves home, it runs an IFTTT web hook that triggers turning the heating off indefinitely in a single room. I have another HomeKit automation that turns the heating on to auto in that room (using the HomeBridge room) when they return.

    Simples ;-)