VITOTRONIC 200 HO1A Installation

I’ve just tried wiring the internet bridge into my boiler control unit, but the cables shown in the app are different colours to the ones in my boiler. Instead of black and grey cables there are blue and brown cables. The existing cables connect with the existing exterior thermostat. So to me it seems logical that I would replace these two cables with the two tado cables but I don’t know which cable should go to which junction. Does anyone have experience in installing into a VITOTRONIC? I’m trying to match the tado wiring diagram to the one for the VIESSMANN équipement but i can’t make head or tail of it.


  • The Tado Internet Bridge does not get connected to your only connects to your router.
    Are you talking about a different Tado device ?? 🤔
  • Ah, yes I actually mean the wireless reciever.

    The two photos show what I'm talking about a bit better, from the tado instructions it seems like i should be replacing the wires that come in from the outdoor themostat (brown and blue wires, top left, in a block of seven wire connections). But the colours of the wires are different as to what is in the instructions. So i'm not sure if these are the wires to be replaced or in which order.

    Then again this boiler is VITOCONNECT compatible so maybe the connection is somewhere else.