Dynamic schedule - Auto Sleep Wake-up


Make Tado intelligent by integrating it with sleep sensors and or your wake-up alarm. In that way you could have a dynamic schedule (instead of a fixed one) that would activate when certain people are in the house but sleeping or when those persons are scheduled to wake-up based on their wake-up alarm set on their phone the day before. It could even start reheating the house when you are close to wake-up based on your sleep pattern tracked by you watch. This could have high additional energy saving potential.

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  • If you’re using HomeKit and IOS15 then I think you can already do a lot of this by using shortcut and focus automations. The latest iPhone software is already aware if you/family are at home, asleep, using specific apps etc, so should be easy to customise actions for Tado. Obviously a nonstarter if using android.

  • pcone
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    I've set up something simple in IFTTT to look for specific events in my Google Calendar and then turn the heating on early (or leave it on later).