Optimal Setup With TRV’s and Thermostats

I’ve purchased the wireless starter kit as well as smart TRV’s for every rad in the house.

I placed the Wireless smart thermostat in the landing, along with a smart TRV on the rad in that "room".

Everything appears to be working well, however, I'm not convinced the setup is optimal; for example, the living room has two rads, each fitted with a smart TRV. It would seem logical that having an additional smart thermostat in each room would improve the overall accuracy of the temperature in that room?

The smart TRV's are obviously close to the rads, and they no doubt compensate for this in their readings, but I suspect having a wireless control across the other side of the room would give greater accuracy?

I can't find anything on this theory, but I wanted to run this by those of you who are more experienced with the Tado system.