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Strange multi-zone issue

Hi folks,

I'm having a very weird issue with my multi-zone setup. I previously had just a single Smart Thermostat controlling all my downstairs zone, and a wired stat to control everything upstairs.

Today, I replaced the wired stat upstairs with another Smart Thermostat controlling all the upstairs zone. However, now when I turn on the heating upstairs, the downstairs Smart Thermostat also triggers, resulting in the radiators in BOTH zones heating up.

Any ideas on what's going on?

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  • DarrenNIDarrenNI
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    Support sorted it all out for me and now everything is working as expected. I'm surprised they don't add something to the app to make this more self-service though.


  • Also, am I correct in thinking I need to contact support to associate STRVs to a specific Smart Thermostat? That's just insane...

  • I was told my Support that I just had to allocate my Smart Thermostat to the room that the STRV was in because I have an issue with two of my rooms being cold whilst the rest of the house is hot.

    My guess is that they will tell you to get a different Smart Thermostat for EACH room that you wish to control. In other words, the Smart Thermostat is the master controller for the ROOM that it is in but each STRV can independently call for heat, irrespective of whether or not the room with the Smart Thermostat is at temperature.

    Mad, isn't it?

  • Support have managed to sort out the initial issue - somehow the two Smart Thermostats were connected in a single heating circuit. Just a pity the app itself gives no indication of this, or any way to change it.

    Going to get in touch with them about the STRV's tonight when I get home - they say they can resolve that also if they have the serial numbers (again though, why doesn't the app allow you to do this?)

  • In my set up I have my two coldest rooms at opposite ends of the house. I have renamed the separate STRVs as being in one single room and will put a room thermostat in one of the bedrooms.

    But I would prefer it if I could place a range of rooms under the control of one room thermostat whilst keeping the rooms separate on the app.

    Does that make sense?

  • So, to be clear, you want to be able to have different temperatures in the three different rooms?

  • I agree with the earlier comment that it should not be necessary to contact support to select what zone a given thermostat or smart radiator valve is associated with.

    In fact, it should not be necessary to have an Internet connection or Tado°'s cloud even in existence to manage the system - it should all be locally manageable with an app or a local webserver.

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