What TRV do I have?

Looking at getting a Tado smart heating system, but after speaking to their support it seems the TRV's I have are not compatible, so does anyone have idea on what ones they are? The brand written on the housing is 'Boss' but would like to know what the actual valves are to see if I can get any adapters for them.

Attached are some photos of the TRV.

Thanks 😊


  • Seems like I have Pegler Yorkshire type TRV which is not compatible at all with Tado, as the below is taken from the documentation on which TRV are compatible 😔

  • They look like the same valves I have (Pegler Terriers), and the Tado heads work fine for me

  • Same here, I have a couple of Mistrals and the Tado heads fit fine . . .

  • Thank you both for the comments and reassurance on that it should work. Oddly enough, I found an older compatibility document for Tado and it said it did fit the same style, but not a different type of pegler style TRV. Go figure 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • danilojose
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    I think I have the same as you in all the house :( and I bought several Tado valves…

    I think I have pegler terrier iii

    What have you done? I also found out that it does not seem to be any adaptor at the moment…

    I also found the old document that it says it is compatible… after trying for a while I managed to fit it with no adapter but I am not sure if it worked because the radiator was already slightly warm when using it.

    Will they get any adaptor in the future?