Always show temperature on Tado ac



  • jrtormo
    edited November 2021

    Please make it to turn on for several seconds every several minutes or so, it is useless as it is, or maybe a small white led to know it is on! currently you have to ask Alexa always and sometimes the schedule or home detection is not working fine

  • rafm5
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    For a device witch always on display E-ink is the answer.

    The ultra-wide viewing angle and an efficient crisp screen is just perfect (no backlight)

  • All the promotional media I've seen for the Smart AC shows the display being on. Is it unreasonable to assume that it would be an always on display?

  • I would also like the display to be on all the time.

    I would be ok connecting it to a 220V power source.

    My 20 year old plain honeywell device had its LCD on all the time whenever the heater was on, so it was getting energy that way (with the 2 wires coming from the heater).

    It would be nice if Tado updates our firmware to allow for that.

  • It's ridiculous that this thermostat is not able to show the temperature all the time. Shall I switch to Nest?

  • Battery drainage.....👎🤔
  • +1 It's a shame that the LED matrix is almost never used. The device looks boring this way. If you're worried about rarely-changing numbers wearing the LED's out, consider creating a Tamagotchi-like character that hops around and reacts to the temperature/boiler state 👾

  • Hi @Jop

    It's nothing to do with "wearing out the LED's"'s everything to do with battery drainage !!👎

  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin

    @GrayDav4276 I fully agree that the main argument why the Smart Thermostat LED is not always on is the fact that the device is battery powered.

    This thread is about the Smart AC Control, which is USB powered.

    Thanks for all further input! But I still have to refer to my comment from 2021.

  • Hi @Jurian

    I assume you are referring to my previous
    "Shadow Ban"
    I apologise for commenting on areas of the tado° system that I appear to misunderstand......I will try not to provide any further inaccurate commentary.

    Feel free to DM me, if you feel it necessary.