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Having very recently installed a Starter Kit V3+ which wirelessly controls heating and water, and having added Smart Radiator Thermostats to 9 out of 13 radiators in the house (three of those without TRVs being towel radiators, the fourth being the obligatory 'reference' radiator in the hall), the following shows up:

The boiler provides heat to all radiators without a Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat installed- and it does so 24/7. I'm not used to that, and would like to see the boiler shut down whenever heat is not being required.

Could Tado's app be provided with a setting that overrides everything and provides the ability to set global on/off times for the heating? Those radiators that are fitted with Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats could then be configured to function variably ('smartly') within those 'on' times, reducing heating demand accordingly.

The expense of installing this kit is designed to reduce heating costs. It doesn't make sense to impose always-on behaviour for radiators without smart TRVs. This small modification would make Tado substantially more attractive as a purchase.

. . . or am I missing something that is already possible?

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  • The boiler should not be running all the time, only when there is demand from one of the smart radiator stats. When there is no demand the four uncontrolled radiators will be unheated. You may have a problem with your setup.

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    Thanks. The Tado was wired professionally, so I could go back to the electrician. But what is - or should be - controlling when the uncontrolled radiators are provisioned with heat?

  • The uncontrolled radiators will always get heat whenever the central heating circuit is switched on. The wireless receiver will switch the circuit on when any one of the smart thermostats is requesting heat. At night I assume you schedule a low temperature in all rooms and this should switch off the central heating circuit. Also, when the geolocation is switched to away mode, this should turn off the central heating. If the central heating is genuinely running all the time then it is likely to be a wiring issue.

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    Hi, @RT768
    I agree with @GrilledCheese2 regarding the wiring / setup.
    I'm sorry to say, but just because you employed a professional to install the system, doesn't mean that you have employed someone who knows how a Tado system my personal experience with "professional" CH Installers or service engineers.....I have only had 1 engineer who could properly complete a service with my Tado system installed.

    I recommend that you contact Tado Support and utilise the expertise contained within the Community Forum.
  • Thanks to you both. I wonder if something else is at play. I think I'm right in saying that Tado Smart TRVs come with a default low temperature setting of 15 degrees. Although I thought I had re-set all these to be off (with frost protection), I now see I had left several with that default 15 degrees setting at night. I have now changed those to be off and will see what the result is. If heat is still being produced in the small hours, I'll contact the electrician (who in fact has installed many smart heating systems - and on this occasion followed the professional wiring diagram provided by Tado). If it isn't, then good news. I'll report back either way. Again, thanks to you both.

  • I can now confirm that bathroom radiators/towel rails not fitted with Tado TRVs will receive hot water whenever all other Tado devices (room thermostats and TRVs) are not set to be off with frost protection. These uncontrolled radiators may be scalding hot at these times even if only one Tado device elsewhere has been set to a low 15 degrees (with all others set to off) because, lacking their own thermostat, the boiler doesn't know what temperature at which they should be provisioned. Set that one 'rogue' Tado to OFF and any non-Tado bathroom rads/towel rails will remain cold.

    I made a mistake with one Tado TRV, thinking I'd set it to OFF, but had left it at its default cold period 15 degrees throughout the night. The result was that three non-Tado towel radiators were scalding hot throughout the night.

    This very specific scenario appears not to be mentioned in the literature - and why should it? (Tado would no doubt prefer that we bought their TRVs for bathrooms as well). But get this bit of detail right, and your Tado set-up will work exactly as expected.

    This suggestion can now be ignored as a suggestion/improvement. (Thanks to @GrilledCheese2 and @GrayDav4276 for the valuable input.)