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As we have underfloor heating, the early start feature has meant that (over a few days), the thermostat has nicely learned that it needs to come on early to get to temperature.

At the other end, if I set the finish time at 2200, there is no point the thermostat asking for heat for at least an hour or so before this time as would never feel the benefit from it! Is there an option to have an 'Early Finish' added?

(Understood that I could just set to finish earlier but would be good if the same logic around external temperature etc. that goes into Early Start could be used in this circumstance based on previous cooling rates for individual rooms)

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  • Rob
    Rob | Admin

    I kind of see your point, but I think this would be hard to program in a way that is useful and understandable to users. If more people are interested in a feature like this, I'll find out. However, I guess if you want the active heating to stop x minutes before a specific time, I do believe that simply adjusting the schedule is the way to go.

    The point of Early Start is that it's not a fixed number of minutes in advance; it takes the increase in temperature it needs to overcome into account, and calculates the required heating onset advance based on this value. So it's smarter than simply changing the time blocks.

    (I guess you can expect some jokes about your title 😉 )

  • gap

    Thanks @Rob - I was thinking this could be more intelligent then just stopping x minutes before, applying some logic to say that if the time taken to start seeing a temperature increase (which has a delay with underfloor) would take it beyond the finish time, and the temperature setting was due to either decrease or turn off, theres no point in turning on.

    Appreciate it can just be done as an earlier stop, but was thinking there were some potential savings to be made here and could apply further algorithms around cooling rates of the room etc. to know when the heating could be stopped and still stay within the temperature settings.

    Of course, I was far too mature to think that about the title... 😏