Heating graphs on webpage


It would be really useful if the webpage could show the heating graphs that can be viewed on the phone app. It could also be useful to be able to download the graph data in some form.

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  • EdGi

    Bump - especially since the 'old' android app is being retired for 'older' (current!) android devices and will only allow access throught the web interface.

  • GrayDav4276
    If what you say is true.....then surely that is purely a significance of how Android is being updated to older Android devices, and is not attributed to any actions by tado°.......it's not tado°s fault that you own an older Android device.
    To the best of my knowledge you won't "lose" the feature, it's just that you won't receive any updates to that feature that is designed for a later version of Android.
    Having said that......I have never understood why the "graphs" are not available on the Website.
  • srichards

    Yes to this. It's difficult to see the heating graphs on a phone screen.

  • markb

    Yes, I find it odd that the web app doesn’t have the temperature, heating and humidity graphs for each room. Working from home on a PC all day I find it mildly irritating to have to switch from the web app to a mobile device to check room graphs.

    I find the room graphs one of the most compelling features of Tado in understanding how my home behaves to external temperature changes and treats to scheduling times and heating temperatures.

    I don’t understand the thinking behind omitting it from the web app. Given that much of the mobile app’s code has been ported to the web app, what makes the graphing bit so difficult?

  • libove

    Upvoted. Not everyone likes doing everything on small, hard-to-read screens, touchscreen, requiring high manual dexterity. This could even come across as discriminatory against users who literally cannot do things very well on small screens/ mobile devices. This functionality must be added to the website.