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Is there a summer eco setting or can we have a summer eco setting?
This could work really simple with one on/off toggle like the “Early On” feature (Early on known to us in the industry as weather optimisation).

How this could work is the end user could turn on/off summer eco. when on you could set your own summer eco temp I.e. to say 20C, if the outside temperature was above 20C the central heating would not come on when any of the TADOs ask for heat, and therefore not use the boiler and save on energy. It would not effect hot water control that should be allowed to operate as required. (Boost could possibly override this summer eco if needed and you could always increase summer eco to 22C if you are regularly boosting in the summer with the summer eco on)

This would be most useful with summer just around the corner.😁

You have a weather adaptation which is not fully explained but I presume this would not stop it from working at higher outside air temps like summer eco would only adjust how the sensors work on a PID or alike.

Keep up the good work TADO👍
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    This will do the job

  • Rob
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    To add to this, if you create a specific summer schedule, first pick a different kind of schedule here ('scheduled days'). So you can switch between your summer and winter schedule with only 2 clicks.

  • Rozza
    Thanks for that advice. Is it possible then to have two different schedules for one room? One active/one not?
  • GrilledCheese2

    Each room has 3 different schedules, and you pick one to be active. One of those schedules is only a 24HR schedule, but it's okay for the start/end of the heating season when you only need a little bit of heat.