It would be nice to see the temperature and humidity or moisture content graphs on the web site as well as on the app
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  • It would also be nice if they added some colour and a larger font to the graph (in the app as well).

  • I agree and since I have been using Tado It has never made any sense that the small screen gets the graph but the big screen and Web view doesn't.

    I'd love to be able to view and document this through my PC.

  • mr_b

    A web view on a larger screen e.g. PC is much easier to see vs a small screen on a mobile.

    Also it's easier to capture graphs into a doc for keeping records etc.

    It would make sense if the app was fully featured and allowed flexible viewing to scale according to the device and capturing of data and removed the need to squint at tiny fonts, but it doesn't.

    So why not use a platform that provides all those tools?

  • libove

    Upvoted. Not everyone likes doing everything on small, hard-to-read screens, touchscreen, requiring high manual dexterity. This could even come across as discriminatory against users who literally cannot do things very well on small screens/ mobile devices. This functionality must be added to the website.

  • Agreed. If we could also see all rooms displayed, on one web page - either multiple graphs or a single consolidated graph - and be able to toggle timespan etc.

  • Yasin

    Agreed and same scale for each day rather than different scale

  • Available Now as of 21/10/23

  • @mnemon81 thanks, please explain how you can display all rooms on one web page - either multiple graphs or a single consolidated graph.

  • I would't know, I have only one room controlled, basic v3+ wireless.