Tado feature request: 8-10 degree C mode support

Hi, I have 2 Tado AC controllers. I have been pretty happy with the one in our house, and purchased a 2nd one last week for our summer cottage. We recently installed a new Panasonic AC-model in the cottage, and during the winter, the AC is set to 8 degrees C to keep the house dry and frost free.

I assumed that Tado would support the 8-10 deg C mode that the Panasonic AC is equipped with, however, as others in this discussion thread discovered, this seems not to be the case. For me as well as the many other Tado customers in the nordic countries this is a big drawback of the Tado AC controller. 

I see there has been at least one reaction from Tado technical support, saying that few have requested that this feature is added (discussion going back to 2019).

I will set up a poll with this name: "Tado feature request: 8-10 degree C mode support". Please vote to support this initiative, so we get this important feature on Tado's to-do list.


Jens, Denmark


  • Please add this feature!
  • 100% agree.

    FYI this is what I do:

    When we leave the summer cottage I switch the A/C to 'off' in Tado, afterwards I switch the A/C to 8/10 degree mode manually using the A/C remote control.

    This allows me to switch the A/C 'on' before we go to the cottage in the winter, but if you accidentally switch it on by mistake, there is no way to switch it back into 8/10 degree mode, which is really inconvenient.

    This feature has been requested for a long time, and my conclusion is that Tado has no intentions to support their products.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    Sorry @Jens_P
    But 4 months is definitely not "a long time" in the tado° request development world.
  • 👍 no, looks like you are right.

    Actually I first posted about this problem in Nov. 2021, and the forum has many requests for this functionality going back to 2019., mainly from people like me in Scandinavia. As far as I can tell there has been no reaction on this forum to this feature request from Tado, so I wonder if they even has somebody monitoring the forum.

    I have zero expectations that they will actually fix this problem. You can work around it, but I would recommend to new potential customers who would like to have this feature to check the alternative solutions available in the market.