Temperature presets


When adjusting the temperature for a specific block i do need to edit all time/day blocks individual, which is cumbersome. An enhancement could be the ability to have a couple of preset temperatures which can be assigned to the time block.

Like "high temp." "low temp." "night temp." And when i then change the preset all time block preset temps will follow.

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  • JPMoriarty

    This - definitely needed. Am trying to save energy (and money!) and so decided that my "default" temperature in rooms should come down by a degree. I have to go into every schedule for every room and make the change, whereas just to change one "preset" and have it applied throughout would be ideal.

  • idl

    A quick word to say that I fully support the request for temperature presets, since even in our boring lives weeks are not always the same! And changing schedules when you have multiple rooms is not very convenient. Ideally the tado app could even let users create schedules of presets: 8:00-12:00 = preset 1; 12:00-17:00 = preset 2; etc.

    Santa tado, do something.