How to control Salus floor heating?


Hi Tado

In the new part of our house we have installed under floor heating using a Salus pump shunt with manifold. Termostats / actuators can be installed on the manifold. The valve is similar to the one used on the radiators with Salus thermostats.

In the old part of our house we use tado Smart Radiator Thermostats. I would like to use Tado to control this underfloor heating as well. How to do that?

Can we install theese tado Smart Radiator Thermostats on the manifold, and use tado wireless temperature sensors to control them (being placed in the rooms)?

or how would you recomend that this is implemented?




  • davidlyall

    I think TRV on the manifold and wireless temp sensors will be your only option. You'll just need Tado to confirm compatibility with the manifold

  • jamese8

    Can the relay contacts of a smart room thermostat be used to turn the pump on and off?

  • gdak

    How is this post "answered" ?