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Tado turned on heating without user turning it on

I had a message warning that one of the Smart rad battery is low. I ignored the message as I haven't had the time to replace it. Then this morning at 5am the heater came on without anyone turning it on.

Is there a known issue with Tado that it will turn on the heater randomly?


  • Interesting- my hot water did the same at 5am this morning.
    It was programmed to off. I fixed by switching on then off again.

    Probably coincidence but very odd’
  • Update- I had a chat with the help desk. They say it’s not Tado, but there’s no other way for my hot water to be turned on. Soots being raised with the engineers. If you log your problem too, that might help.
  • That could explain you something:

    But this is not a problem for Tado...Tado must not pay your bill...

  • I think you hit the cause of the problem on the head .
  • Hello MyTada:

    The Smart Radiator Thermostats running out of batteries will make it unable to move the motor to properly close the radiator. If heating is available in the circuit and the radiator can't be properly closed, it will receive heating.

    This is why the low battery notification advises you to replace them as soon as possible.

    For further details into your question: having low battery would only affect the mechanical capability of moving the motor, it will not cause any other kind of misbehavior. So the device will still communicate with the thermostat appropriately calling for heating or not only as it's been set. Once batteries are totally depleted, the device stops working at once, so it couldn't call for heating at all.



  • I may have not made my description clear.

    This is to clarify that the boiler has been called for heating from 5am when it was switch off on all smart rads and all program was off.

    I do understand your explanation due to the lack of battery power to move the rads motor. But the problem seems that the system has demanded the boiler to switch on.
  • Just to add that my system has the bridge, thermostat, and extension kit.
  • Hello MyTada,

    If you had this case then please consult support with the specific date and time in which it happened, so we can investigate.



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