Will Tado still work if I don't install a load of smart TRVs ?

Im thinking of dipping my toe in but before I spent a lot of money of lots of smart TRVs, I wanted to just try the system without replacing all my current dumb TRVs. Will the Tado system work if I don't buy a load of smart TRVs initially and instead just get the Obviously I won't be able to control individual rooms...

Looking at just getting tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control.



  • GermánGermán | Admin

    Hello MarkMark,

    Yes, you can start with just some specific rooms, and don't need to use the Smart Radiator Thermostats in all the rooms of the house at a time. Please find here more details about how would it work:



  • Thanks but just to be clear - if I don't buy any smart radiator thermostats will the system work just like other smart system that doesn't use smart TRVs?

  • Hello MarkMark,

    Yes, the Smart Thermostat alone can control the home heating by itself, while you use classic TRVs in your radiators. The Smart Radiator Thermostats are advised when you need / want to have more specific control on certain areas. Otherwise, the main control of the boiler will be the Smart Thermostat and this could be sufficient for many homes in which the dynamics of the temperatures are balanced.



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