Tado...in the clouds!


Tado is unreliable,i use it for a while but disappointed,just an app for a lot of money,sistem has many many flows cause is cloud based,that is the main issue. Lucky me i have my old thermostat and i am using weather compensation with it and my trouble with Tado has ended,no connection lost,no lost of heat and less gas and electricity used.

My view is this: get Tado just to fail you at some point in time! Keep a second thermostat in your house if you don't wanna freeze or left without hot water at shower. As long as Tado will be 100% cloud system will fail even if Tado soft is good,internet is not controlled by Tado. Let say u buy a fancy car but the road is full of potholes and sometimes gaps in the road, can u make it to the end of the road if that car maker will offer only that road for that particular car? Will you be relaxed if u make it or full of ₩#@#$^*¥₩!

This is my view on Tado,fancy but can fail at any time.

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