How to schedule?

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I've just set up my smart thermostat and extension kit to control my heating and hot water.

I'm confused about scheduling, it seems quite convoluted to add various times of days I want the heating off and on.

So for weekdays I would click the + button a few times and have it on for an hour in the morning, then and hour in the afternoon about the time I come home, the the evening maybe have it on a hour or more.

Is this how everyone else schedules their heating? Note I am using the V3 version not the app, not the V3+ although it seems I can upgrade for £20 and have exactly the same as I have now? Is the new app much better for this?

I have the auto assistant enabled so hopefully geofencing will work, but just wanted to get others opinions.


  • Hello sterankin,

    The Smart Schedule allows you to set three different set of schedules on a weekly based program:

    • All days the same
    • Monday to Friday and then Saturday and Sunday.
    • Each day of the week individually

    You can alternate between these three sets that you can save with different settings.

    When scheduling a day you need to define what do you want your system to do the 24 h of the day, so you need to define as many time blocks as you want between 00:00 and 24:00. Each time block can have the settings you want (OFF, 20º, 21º... etc).

    Please find here more details about how the Smart Schedule works:

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