Tado will be better this way!


A. Keep it as it is.

B. Give us local control if internet down( with some limitation on the app,course!).

C. Make it more reliable and trustworthy (point B included).

D. Better inside coverage of the bridge and strenght signal on the app for all zones covered.

Maibe our votes will be read and seen by the Tado customer office and passed to the software developers,to the real skunk work team! We all spended some amount of money to buy Tado,are you really really happy about this investment? In my case i will say,50% overvaluated by the real functionality,nothing to say about quality of materials or design,this is ok!

* maibe is 100% cloud system to justify the monthly subscription and only for this reason Tado has stuck us all in this! How fair is this,Tado?

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