Wiring New Tado Receiver - Changing from British Gas Hive.

Hello, I have just bought a Tado Starter Kit V3+ (Bridge Wall Thermostat and Receiver) Following and reading the set up instructions (but not yet physically fitting the Tado devices) they are very easy to follow, both for the Bridge and the Wall Thermostat, however the Receiver to me isn’t clear when trying to connect it up.

Details and Background

I have a Worcester Combi Boiler, with is currently controlled by a Single Channel Hive Hub, Wall Thermostat and Receiver Model SLR 1. All are Wireless. The only wiring is on the Hive Receiver.

The wiring in the Backplate goes into the the boiler, including the Live and Neutral cables. (Blue and Brown).

I assume there is no wiring to change in the boiler, as that would require engaging a tradesperson.

I have no Hot Water Cylinder, nor is there a Header Tank in my loft. Therefore the S and Y plans or the Potential Live wiring do not apply. Therefore, my Boiler is a switched Live configuration.

The Hive Connections are N. L. Terminal 1, (Grey Cable) and Terminal 3 (Black Cable). There is no link between L. and Terminal 1


The Hive Backplate terminal idents are N L 1 2 3 4, where the Tado Receiver terminals are identified N. L. CH Com. CH NC. And CH No.

My question therefore is, which terminals do the Grey and Black cables connect to in the Tado Receiver.


'Live and Neutral are self explanatory, but the CH Com CH NC And CH NO must correspond to the 1, 2, 3 and 4 terminals on the Hive Backplate. But I’m not sure which is which, I looked at the help section, and tried to cross reference them using the Tado Installation Guide in the App, but to me, it isn’t clear.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Currently my Hive is still in situ and works fine, but been old, and needing heating I cannot afford to disconnect Hive, and fit Tado without being confident of it being wired correctly.

Regards A new Tado Customer


  • 1 grey wire to CH Com

    3 black wire to CH NO

    Do not create a link from the Live to any other terminal.

    No need to change anything in the boiler.

  • Thank you very much, your answer is much appreciated

  • michalwk
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    I’m in the same
    Situation but wiring looks slightly different with some links created ?

    Can someone advice what’s the best thing to do please ?
    Can’t seem to be able to post a picture