Improve the design of temperature overrides in the iOS app


As a new user its taken a while to discover the behaviour of temperature overrides. The actually functionality is fine. As I understand there are three options:

  • override for a specified amount of time
  • override til the next time block
  • override til someone makes another change

It's also great that your last choice is remembered by the system.

However I have a few criticisms:

  • The delay before the resumption controls appear is a significant hinderance to discoverability.
  • The feedback is too small and text heavy making it hard to see at glance what will happen.
  • The time slider may feel slick but it doesn't map well to the three options outlined above which makes it hard to learn the system behaviour and difficult to set one of the most common options "till the next time block".
  • Does the slider really need to be in a popover? There's ample space on a single screen for this functionality.

I hope this feedback is useful. Your system is generally very well designed and I wouldn't bother mentioning this if I thought you didn't care!

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