TRVs too easy to remove

The Child lock feature is great, kids are drawn to the clicky knobs so being able to disable the manual control is great. However that leaves the problem of physical removal of the whole thing. It requires very little force to undo from the attached base, a 1 year old can remove it. It may be helpful to update the design so the fit is a little more tight and requires more effort to remove. Either by decreasing the tolerance or having something that clicks in to keep it in place.

If anyone has figured out a hack to stop the TRV from being turned into accidental toys, let me know!
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  • GrayDav4276

    Hi @sparklefarts ,

    Good idea......however I suspect that tado° is unlikely to make this change until the release of the next generation of tado° devices. An expected release timescale for a "next generation devices range" is more likely to be "many months" and therefore not a short term forecast.