Set TRV to a "minimum" temperature


I would like to be able to set certain rooms so they have a "minimum" temperature rather than a target temperature - which will fire boiler when lower, but not switch off the TRV at the desired temperature - simply just use the temperature to know that room won't request heat unless it goes below that.

That will mean if another room is heating then it will heat that one. We have a couple of rooms that loose heat quickly so we keep the temperature for those fairly low but would be good if they could continue to get more heat in if the boiler is firing any way.

Maybe have a min and max so you can sill make it close off for savings?

Apologies if there's a way to acheive this - I'm fairly new. Overall the system is decent, just this and being able to have a temperature threshold for the water tank would be good.

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  • Not sure if you are aware, but you can set a TRV to independent mode, meaning it will not request heat from the boiler. If the room temperature is below the set point the valve stays open and the room heats only when adjacent rooms are requesting heat. The minimum temperature is not defined, but if other rooms are requesting heat then the room temperature shouldn’t be too low.

  • Thanks @GrilledCheese2 I looked at that but it didn't seem like it was going to do what I was suggesting. I'll look at it again, but I guess that means I need to split into 2 rooms, 1 for the thermostat and one for the independent mode TRV? Doesn't address the max value but no danger of that particular room getting too hot!!