Link smart reader to tado

Each month I manually add my meter readings to the tado app but in the uk there is a company loopup which I have given access to my smart reader so it generates automatic reports. Perhaps tado could do the same or link up with loopup.
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  • rafm5
    rafm5 Volunteer Moderator

    Modern suppliers already offer access to their API, so you can get all the data without any other 3rd parties. Generally the less middlemen the better :-)

    Apparently loop (not loopup?) don’t support smart tariffs, so your readings can be very inaccurate (example for Octopus customers)

    IMHO the time spent on managing smart meter data doesn’t generate any major savings. It may help identifying energy waste at the beginning, but no later.

    Also, government discounts offered to people in need are funded by a social levy that applies to all energy bills, so increasing support for eligible customers will lead to even larger increases for everyone else (you) regardless if you are trying to save you will pay more.