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I bought a tadoº wireless kit last week and have had an absolute nightmare trying to get it set up, not least because of the terrible customer support from tadoº, but also because it has been decided to cripple the functionality of the devices in the UK!

After spending £200 on this tadoº kit, I was faced with a prospect of installing the tadoº and losing the modulation functionality of my boiler (so any savings I made with the "smart" thermostat would no doubt be lost because of the boiler firing up to full burn every time it comes on). I I was only told very basic, extremely technical things by customer support staff that made very little sense to me as a user, I had to research a lot of this this myself as the customer support from tadoº has been very basic, to put it kindly! It was also suggested that I purchase an ADDITIONAL EU kit, so that I could get the modulation functionality of my boiler to work with tadoº - what a scam!

I have decided that it is obvious that tadoº does not want to help customers and only wants to sell more and more kit so I am returning the kit for a refund. I told the customer support team this and they responded asking me to "leave feature request in the tado° Community" - so here it is, for all the good it will do.

What an absolute waste of my time - terrible company!

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  • It’s frustrating that Tado has removed the digital bus from the UK version of the wireless receiver (still on the wired thermostat). Definitely a backward step that appears to be catching out a number of customers. But I need to clarify an inaccuracy in your comments that may mislead other customers reading this.

    Using a Tado device in relay mode does not mean modulation functionality is lost, and the boiler will not be operating at full burn every time it comes on. The boiler will still modulate its output. For example a boiler with a rated output of 24KW will modulate down to 4-7KW depending on the model. The missing functionality is a feature called Load Compensation, which means the thermostat cannot adjust the water flow temperature. For example if the flow temperature is manually set to 65°C then that is the target temperature at all times.

  • If you use on/off relay and your boiler is a modern boiler( condense boiler),set the water temp for CH at 45°c-50°c and your boiler will modulate down soon as the set water temp is reached. Only downsize is that you have to change the CH water temp according with the weather,colder outside>>>> rise water 4 CH,warmer outside<<<<<< lower water 4 CH.

    And you got weather comp at your hands....all you need is to do it manually and the rest it's done by your boiler wich will modulate depending on your model and performance. just an addition of our comfort and for most men's....a toy for warm the cave we settled in🐵🐵🐵

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    @GrilledCheese2 so if I order an EU receiver I will have load compensation available or is it also not in the software?
    I wondered what the difference was between EU and UK devices when I was purchasing.
    I have no need of water control so EU would have suited.
  • @mojomoomoo yes the EU variant of the wireless receiver has the digital bus interface which will give you load compensation. Although the device is not officially sold in the UK it is supported in the app. Check your boiler model is supported by Tado for digital bus control.

  • Thanks @GrilledCheese2 . Yes is supported, Alpha e-tec 33 plus which is opentherm.
    Very odd that they've taken this approach with UK/IE when rest of Europe has opentherm option.