Multi Zoning with Profile Creation

Recently bought Tado.
However unlike my previous setup where my Radiators where controlled by 2 Thermostat. One Honeywell Dial which was wired controlled all off the Downstairs Radiators to separate heating the house. To save on Energy. The second one was a Drayton Wireless RF Unit that contolled and heated the Entire House.

Before Purchasing was told same setup could be done. But unfortunately not. This feature is not built in the App. Bought similar setup as previous one Tado Wired Thermostat and one Wireless with Bridge with Wireless Receiver.

Want to multi zone seperate rooms and Radiators via adding Profiles.
This would in Turn on Radiators in set rooms and locations.

I know some people aren't Tech Savvy with the App but if it would be possible to assign a Number of Radiators to a Thermostat. When on or setting a Temperature this automatically turns on and set the temperatures in those rooms and Tado Radiator Valves.

With a second Thermostat or 3rd Thermostat want to assign additional or all Radiator Tado Valves so again press the switch on the Thermostat to turn them on.
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