Do not count independent trv opening in heating time

I was away most of the day and one of my indépendant trv was open but the boiler was off (because away, as expected)

The problem is that open time is counted in the heating activity, thus making these statistics totally irrelevant.

Is it possible to only count the boiler heating time?


  • Here is the trv i talked about and the time...

  • That would be helpful. Not quite sure it affects Energy IQ calculations as well
  • Hi, I'm pushing this request up because I believe this is an important fix to keep relevant heating history and energy IQ.
  • 7 month later I'm turning my heating ON and this annoying bug still exists 🤦‍♂️
  • Hi @ThatGuy

    I'm sorry to say that I think it will take tado° a very long time to "rationalise" the " true" heating activity of our heating systems. This has been discussed in quite a few posts in the past.......and so far nothing that I regard as a positive outcome.

  • I'm supporting this issue by this comment!

  • The heating times were way off. I have had this argument with Tado for a while. If it is asking for heat and not getting it that isn't heating time. I repeated to them only the time between the boiler being clicked on and turned off should be considered heating time. Adding other times is a logical nonsense. It also means you can't calculate actual heating costs if you are making up heating times.

    I have had mine set so it doesn't turn off until closer to reaching the required temperature. It doesn't seem quite as bad as it used to be. The heating time in Care and Protect is closer to actual heating times at the moment. Last year it was claiming ridiculous number of hours heating even during the middle of sunny days when the boiler wasn't even on.

  • Good summary of the problem 👍