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Do I need the V3+ app with a V2 bridge?

I’m confused. I have a V2 starter kit. I don’t want Apple Home integration so don’t intend to upgrade to a V3 bridge. I believe my V2 kit has always switched off the heating when the last person leaves the house. Will I benefit the Auto Assist Skill by buying the V3+ app? It seems to me, I already have it and can only lose it by upgrading the bridge.

Can someone please let me know if I’m wrong. Thanks


  • Hello belch1968,

    Upgrading the Internet Bridge will only be useful in case you want to use HomeKit. Otherwise you have the same features.

    Upgrading the (V3+) app will give you the benefit of accessing new skills (eg, Air Quality, other future developments) and the new design, but otherwise you'd have the same features as well. Auto-Assist automation, which you would have included when upgrading from the current app you're using (V3), is enabling the automation that you are already using as you paid it in your hardware price.

    I hope this makes it clearer for you.



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