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I've had contact with the support team, changed the location of the internet bridge 4 times, support team changed the frequency 4 times. Still I'm waking up to take a shower in 14° degrees with a child of 3 years old. This happens every day for hours at the time, connection gets losts and thus no heating.

I'm now having to buy another Internet bridge because the support team is assuming it will be better.

I think the appropriote solution would be to allow two internet bridges so you can hand-pick which thermostat should use a particular bridge. In my case it would allow me to have 1 internet bridge for my upstairs rooms, 1 internet bridge for my downstairs room/bathroom.

Please save me from an angry wife in the morning ..

house layout:

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  • Hi,

    I've been using a solution where I have two internet bridges to cover the whole house. It just needs having two email addresses and creating two separate accounts - House1 and House2 or whatever. It's a pain, because I have to juggle with two different accounts to see all the rooms. But for example, I have one that works from Firefox, and one from Chrome so that I can see both parts of the house on the screen of my computer.

    In fact, I have three different accounts, with a third one for a separate apartment that we have. Just needs three email addresses.

    It would be trivial for Tado to fix this by just allowing multiple internet bridges on the same account. But well, they apparently have other priorities.

  • Hi @SimonThorpe

    That's a good "workaround" for your specific requirements........and it takes a lot of dedication on your behalf to achieve the best solution for your properties.

    However it shouldn't have to be this difficult, cos not everybody has the time/resources/technical ability to achieve this.

    I'm hugely impressed with your dedication and perseverance......👍👏😎

    As I said tho' shouldn't have to be this difficult........tado° really need to dedicate themselves ( as you have done) to sort this out for customers who require more than 1 bridge to operate their system.

  • Philips Hue has a similar issue, but their solution is simple: in the app, you can toggle between bridges, each having its own account. In fact, a third party app called iConnect Hue made a front-end overlay that seamlessly integrates both into one view.

    While the (meshed) Zigbee protocol of Hue is more robust than Tado's wireless protocol, at least adding a second bridge would allow you to add range and overcome the 25 heating device limit.

    Why is this so difficult, Tado?

  • bmoore117
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    I too have had the range problem and tried adding another bridge. It worked but was highly inelegant and I eventually abandoned it in favour of relocating the bridge to give the best coverage possible albeit not perfect and still with the occasional dropout. Positioning the bridge as high as possible in the house and pointing downwards gave the best result. A repeater would be the ideal solution.

    If you want to try the two bridge workaround you'll need to use 2 emails (or use a gmail account because that allows you to insert a decimal point into your address which will be accepted as being a different email but resolves to the same gmail account). You'll also need to use a cloning app like Parallel Space to enable running two copies of the Tado app on one device. If you can put your lesser used radiators/rooms all on the second instance then it makes management a little easier but it's still a kludge which really shouldn't be necessary.