Create a range extender or let us use a second bridge...

Having olny 1 bridge per house is a massive design flaw yet to be addressed by Tado. Unless you leave in a tiny house made of cardboard walls, the TRV wlll lose connection or burn batteries in only a matter I'd a couple of weeks.
I live in a house across 3 floors, I really struggle with the range and can't have full coverage (and yes, i tried every possible bridge position in the house...
Being able to have a second bridge or having repeaters (wired thermostat for instance) is essential...
Please please please tado... Listen to your user community...
Note': I reposted this idea as the first post from 2017 is completely ignored by Tado...
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  • Totally agree with you @Happytoon and many people are still waiting for this small upgrade...

  • 100% agree. Tado have been dodging this question for years. This is a serious problem for me. And yes I have tried all the many suggestions.
  • Also agree with this. I live in an old (built in 1750) granite walled house and the radio signal is just not strong enough to cover the entire building. I bought a second bridge by mistake and decided to set this up, it works. However it does mean I have to have two Tado accounts and don’t get a single view in things like the EnergyIQ feature.
  • I was involved in the home automation industry and meshing networks and repeaters have been around for ages. I should have known better when I purchased Tado (I thought it was a meshing system) and it worked well for the first year. Now I have a wireless TRV which randomly goes offline and causes the whole system to come on when it shouldn't. This is just poor programming by Tado. Unless a repeater appears soon (Tado just have a look around it shouldn't be hard to find a plugin repeater you can adapt), I may start again and use Drayton's Wiser system which appears to use wireless meshing technology.

  • Going to have to get rid of Tado because of this. Recently when a TRV looses signal it seems to open the radiator and call for heat, but the app shows nothing. This is Buring oil and wasting my money. It's random and incredibly frustrating after nearly €1000 investing.

    I've a mix of expensive Tado "smart" TRV's and traditional TRV's.....I've 2 smart TRV's in a box I can't use!

    If tado haven't released an update to allow a 2nd bridge they can't, or won't!

    Damn shame
  • This ties in with the problem of losing connection entirely, either across the home Tado network, or the internet.

    In either case, control is lost and quite possibly the heating, depending on time of disconnect. It is not practical to manually adjust each device and to remove child lock, the devices need to be removed for battery removal and reset.

    Tado, you will eventually lose many customers if you cannot offer a solution to this very fundamental problem, in fact, it's really a design flaw and I don't know how it was missed.

  • Well, I’m concerned too, nearly a year waiting for an appropriate answer from Tado° :'(
  • Does anyone from Tado ever read and respond to these posts? I hope prospective customers do.

    I run a B&B, 5 beds over 3 floors with lots of solid brick walls. In 2021 I installed 19 Tado wifi TRVs, wireless smart thermostat with hot water controller. I have spent over £1,000 on taco products. When it works it is great BUT when it doesn't work it is pants.

    I have contacted Tado directly but feel fobbed off.

    The internet bridge intermittently goes haywire and some or all TRVs go offline. Switching the bridge on and off doesn't always resolve this issue and it can be a struggle to get some/all of the TRVs back online. I have tried moving the bridge around the 2nd floor landing which has an open stairwell. I have wifi extenders on the 2nd and 3rd landings. Is it worth adding more wifi extenders? Or is it a problem on some German server?

    What are the alternatives to Tado?