Smart Radiator Thermometers

I previously purchased smart radiator thermostats for my Tado system however they were too noisy in the bedrooms and led to a few queries which I raised with Tado (however they have asked for these queries to be posted here). Hopefully there is a solution!

  • Is there a way to set the bedroom smart radiator thermostats so that they maintain a constant low fixed setting during the night (to avoid constant whirring when it opens / closes)?
  • Secondly when will Tado be releasing quieter versions of the radiator valves? Or is there another supplier that is already doing that?
  • It is advised to buy secondary wall thermostats to improve temperature readings rather than rely on the radiator thermostats. However why are these 2-3x the price of the radiator valve - it does the same function without the mechanical valve, so should be cheaper?
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  • Rob
    Rob | Admin
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    To answer your questions:

    1. There is no way at this point.
    2. I have seen a concept where they use a different, more quiet motor for an upcoming radiator thermostat. It is still a concept though, so I cannot make any promises.
    3. Well, it kind of depends on where the radiator thermostat is located. Close to the radiator, sure, but also to what extent the heat of the radiator is free to move through the room. I know from people where a wireless temperature sensor is an absolute necessity, I also know other homes (my own one for example) where the temp measurement of the radiator thermostat is absolutely good enough. So it kind of depends on the room. From a price perspective, the factor 2-3x for a wireless temperature sensor is foreign to me.