Turn OFF all rooms....only till next schedule change


May I suggest an improvement to the app/system functionality? And that is to give the user the option, when using the “Turn OFF All Rooms”, that it only applies until the next schedule change.

Last night I went to bed early, so hit “Turn OFF all rooms”. However, that meant that it was cold this morning (as I forgot to resume schedule before falling asleep).

Hope this make sense? Being able to temporarily turn off ALL heating would be much easier than having to turn down each room.

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  • andyblac
    andyblac ✭✭✭

    Can you not just set the Manual Control for the Room to "Until next Change" ?, or does "Turn off All Rooms" not adhere to this ?

  • Filc73
    I’ve suggested something similar where you switch off for a time limit. Ie your leaving home but knowing someone will be back at a certain time