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I have a 4 bedroom house in which I live with my wife, however, we often have visitors. We only need certain rooms heated for our own use but we have a childrens bedroom which we want heated to a specific schedule when our grand children stay over. We also have a bedroom and bathroom which we only want to heat when we have guests staying. These schedules will also need to be modified for summer and winter. I am aware that there is a kind of workaround using the 'Mon-Sun', 'Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun', etc but my needs are linked to visitors at random times, not regular weekly scheduling. The ability to custom name several single day (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun) schedules with names like 'grandchildren' or 'guests' or 'summer', etc, for each room, would be much more useful. This would make programming the system more versatile, simpler to change and save energy.

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