Google Assistant An Alexa new (hot) keywords (resume schedule or resume heating schedule)

I am missing a feature for the google assistant and alexa.

Feature to say "resume schedule" or "resume heating schedule"

I think that this will benefit a lot of people.

when you do a manual overwrite of your schedule it does not automatically resume the heating schedule

Dutch :

Ik mis het commando "schema hervatten of " hervat verwamings schema" of zoiets dergelijks.


Ich vermisse komando für das wierder vortsetzen von das schedule in alexa und google.

so was wie :"Zeitplan wieder" aufnehmen oder "Heizplan wieder aufnehmen"

Das were total gut wenn das ging.

das were doch was oder ?

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  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2022

    Hi @Daan_Eenkhoorn

    When you make a manual change to a schedule you can select how the room reacts and therefore for how long.

    Select the "Pencil" symbol below the temperature selector........and select "until next time block" (sometimes this will only show when the slider is moved) ..........You have 3 choices

    1. Select a specific timescale for example 30 mins

    2. Select " Until you resume schedule"

    3. Select " Until next time block"

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin
    edited March 2022

    Actually, @GrayDav4276 , there are 2 settings that are very similar but different none the less.

    This first one is valid for manual control, physically on the device itself. Input from non-tado apps like Alexa is seen as manual control on the device itself, and thus this setting is relevant for those apps as well. This is the one that is relevant to @Daan_Eenkhoorn

    The second setting is the one below, which only shows up when you do a manual change to the temp setting in the app. This setting is only relevant for manual settings from the tado° app. It has no effect on manual control on the device itself nor on changes from non-tado apps.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2022

    Hi @Rob

    Firstly, I know that both these methods are available and that they work differently for either.........

    1. "manual change" via the tado° device .........and

    2. "manual change" via the tado° App schedule

    Secondly, @Daan_Eenkhoorn requested information on (2) ........ " when you do a manual overwrite of your schedule it does not automatically resume the heating schedule ".............. which is why I only supplied this relevant information.

    However thanks to both our responses, @Daan_Eenkhoorn certainly has all the information available.

  • I know these two and they certainly help.
    However I was not completely talking about this perse .
    There are instances where you do not want to wait till the next time schedule.

    Key here is to change the temp of a thermostat or a room. For x time.
    So room is on a higher or lower setting then the current schedule. So when you decide to leave the room(s) you want it to resume the current schedule again.

    All this via a hot word to Google or Alexa.
    Right now keywords are "set (room x) temperature to x degrees " and "room x turn thermostat off"

    So I like to use a hotword to resume the schedule.

    Preferable via Google and Alexa or even ifttt.