Install ac smart control

My new tado ac control is not recognizing my Panasonic Panasonic CU-E9DKE , any one have An idea how to make it work?


  • You have to set the ac mode automatic first and then do the setup. It doesnt recognise if mode is set to dry, heat or cooling mode.
  • Manual doesnt say that but it should...
  • Hello Ntteniker,

    If your remote is not being recognized using ON command (in any mode), please contact our support with a picture of the remote front, remote back and the exact model of your AC so we can look into it for you.

    Tomi, any mode's ON/OFF should be recognized. Then if the setup is done for thermostatic control the device will only use cool or heat, but that shouldn't make any difference in this step.



  • Thank you Tomi, it's working fine now