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Tado linking to new boiler - app asking me to set up new home

Hi, I'm trying to set up tado on my new boiler. The app and website when I log in are asking me to create a new home. However my details are already registered so I cant register with the same email address again. How can I access my old account to set up tado?




  • I suggest you use Tado Chat, and login with your existing account details and advise them to reset your Smart Thermostat so you can then create a new Home under your existing account.

  • Hello Dave,

    If you have an existing account where your devices are installed, you only need to contact our support requesting installation instructions for the new setup, specifying the boiler and thermostat make and model. We will prepare the installation instructions and configuration for your new boiler, you will only have to update your account data (address...)




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