Be clearer about what caused the boiler to turn on


I have 6 smart TRVs and the Tado Thermostat. Most of the TRVs are configured without a zone controller so that they will accept heat if the heating is on, but not turn the heating on. However when they are below the desired temperature the graph shows that the heating was on in the same UI state as when they have a controller.

My request is for a holistic view of the heating which showed at any given point in the day which room/device made the heating turn on. Essentially this would be the aggregation of all the device graphs where there is a zone controller.

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  • JamesU

    This would be really useful, as the TRVs do have some variability in their temperature readings (hence the offset option). Knowing which tripped the heating on, or a theromstat, would be really useful.

    May be an easy web option, as its not needed lots.

    Perhaps easy to do if there was log message viewer on the Controller Unit, accessed via the app.

    +1 from me!